Frequent flyers and industry experts have unveiled many travel hacks for airplane journeys. These tips for better air travel include a focus on preparing ahead and making smart choices. They come from over 150 hours of flight experience across the globe.

Whether your goal is an efficient or stress-free flight, these tips will help. Carrying spare clothes for each part of your trip can greatly boost your comfort and freshness1. Also, sharing clothes between two bags can cut the risk of lost luggage1.

Key Takeaways

  • Prep with a change of clothes for each flight segment
  • Pack mini versions of personal care items to stay fresh
  • Split clothing between two cases when travelling with a companion
  • Consider noise-cancelling headphones for a peaceful journey
  • Adjust to the destination’s time zone as soon as possible

Booking Your Flights

Seasoned travellers suggest some important rules for booking flights. Always aim for direct flights. They recommend planning stopovers carefully to ensure a smooth journey2.

Fly Direct

Booking direct flights is key advice. Although not always the cheapest, the time and energy saved make up for it. It’s also wise to set alerts on flight sites to catch better deals3.

Avoid the Last Flight of the Day

Try not to pick the last flight to dodge overnight delays. Mondays and Tuesdays often have lower airfares, making them perfect for bookings2. Fare alerts can keep you updated on price drops, helping you save3.

Plan Stopovers

Stopovers are great if you enjoy shorter flights. With Icelandair, you can have up to seven days in Reykjavík for free. It’s a chance to visit another place without extra costs3.

travel hacks airplane

travel hacks airplane

Research Terminal Transfer Times

Finding out about terminal transfers helps prevent rushing. Adding an hour to the airline’s suggestion is a good move. Early booking also leads to lower prices, giving you flexibility for adjustments2.

Stay Fresh During Your Journey

Keeping travel freshness and in-flight hygiene are key for a comfortable trip. It’s clever to have a fresh set of clothes for each part of your trip. This trick really boosts how comfortable you feel on long flights1. Imagine the benefit on a 25-hour trip from London to Brisbane with a stop in Dubai1!

It also helps to do some things for in-flight hygiene. Bring small versions of your shampoo, body wash, and toothbrush. These are a must for anyone whose skin is easily upset. They make flying less of a worry1. Don’t forget a kit for staying hydrated, including a water bottle, face mist, and lip balm. It keeps dry air from bothering you too much4.

For an extra comfy flight, bring tasty and healthy snacks. Think roasted chickpeas, celery with peanut butter, and apple slices sprinkled with lemon juice. These treats are good for you and easy to bring along4. Also, moisturiser and eye drops after landing will perk up your skin. They’re great for keeping that just arrived look4.

After landing, helping your body unwind is important. Try stretching to get your blood moving better4. Loose clothes and compression socks make a big difference when you’re ready to relax4.

travel hacks airplane

travel hacks airplane

Sorting out your important items before you board can make the start of your flight a lot smoother. This step improves how comfortable and stress-free you find your flight. And, it helps you stay travel fresh all the way through1.

Make the Journey Enjoyable with Essentials

Comfort is key for a great flying experience. Smart packing and quality personal items are essential. They can really enhance your trip.

Carry Personal Comfort Items

Firstly, bring things like face wipes, a soft scarf, and water. They keep you feeling fresh and hydrated. This is important for your comfort on the journey.

For long flights, a good book is a must. Also, consider buying a portable charger. They cost from £23.99 to £44.995. They keep your tech ready. Anker Power Bank, One of the Smallest and Lightest 10000mAh External Batteries, Ultra-Compact, High-speed Charging Technology Portable Charger

A travel pillow, between £39.97 to £625, is great for long trips too. Travel Pillow for Airplane

Bring Your Own Headphones

High-quality headphones are highly recommended. They can be noise-cancelling and range from £209.99 to £549. They make your flight quieter and more fun. Make sure you have a plug adapter for the plane’s system.  Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

in-flight comfort essentials

Experienced flyers value these comfort items a lot1. These essentials make your flight not just bearable but enjoyable too.

Packing Tips for Couples and Friends

Travelling with friends or a partner is great fun. But, managing luggage well is key to a stress-free trip. Sharing essentials makes packing your suitcase easier.


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Split Your Clothing

Try splitting your clothes between your suitcases. If one gets lost, you still have half your clothes. This lessens the trouble of lost luggage. Sharing accessories with your buddy means packing less, which saves space6.

efficient luggage management

Many savvy travellers say limit shoe options to three pairs for trips over two weeks. This makes packing easier7. Also, sharing toiletries with your mate cuts down on stuff to pack. It makes packing and travelling smooth6.

Using this method, 95% of experienced travellers suggest packing one week’s clothes for long trips. This reduces the amount you carry7. Packing cubes are also a hit. They make the most of your space and keep your stuff neat7.

Maximise Airport Facilities

Savvy travellers use airport facilities smartly to make their journey better. They enjoy the calm of airport lounges away from the crowd. In these lounges, you can get free drinks and WiFi which are perfect for a long wait.

Showering after a long flight can really freshen you up. Airports like Brisbane have clean, easy-to-use shower areas. A quick shower during your wait can make you feel totally new for the next leg of your journey.

For families, airport play areas are a great find. Kids can have fun safely, giving parents a break. Some airports even have small spas offering relaxing massages, making your travel more enjoyable and stress-free.

Bringing your own drinks and snacks is a great idea8. This saves you money and time because airport food can be pricey. It’s a simple way to avoid overspending while you wait.

By taking full advantage of airport services, long waits can actually be relaxing. It can make your trip much better. Remember to check out what each airport offers, and make your travel experience more positive.

Organise Yourself at the Gate

Getting your things in order at the airport gate is vital for a relaxed trip. Start by making sure you have what you need close by. This could be your headphones, a good book, or a water bottle.

Don’t forget to check you have all your documents and boarding passes. It makes getting on the plane quick and simple. Plus, it’s good to have everything you need within easy reach. This stops any panic if you need something quickly.

It’s also smart to have your devices charged. They are a great help for keeping you entertained. Plane screens are only around 8 inches, so not everyone finds them big enough. Having your own entertainment is a clever move1.

And remember, for security checks, keep your liquids and electronics handy. Being prepared like this makes the whole process smoother. You won’t be part of the last-minute chaos. Instead, you can enjoy a peaceful wait before your flight.

Beat Jetlag Like a Pro

Beating jetlag is essential when you’re travelling across time zones. To do this, you need a good sleep plan and choose flights wisely. Doing so will help you adjust quickly to the new time zone.

Adjust to Time Zones Quickly

Avoiding flights that go overnight is key to fighting jetlag9. Before you leave, make sure you sleep well. That can make a big difference9. Many people use melatonin to help their body clock get used to the new time faster10. It’s a good idea to start adjusting your schedule before you leave10. When you arrive, do something active, especially if you’re with children. This can help you avoid sleep and get into the local time more easily.

Strategic Sleep Patterns

Having a good sleep strategy on the plane is vital. Seats that recline a lot in premium economy can help you sleep better9. Using noise-cancelling headphones and a comfy eye mask can stop disturbances and aid sleep10. Some find melatonin or even Zolpidem (Ambien) useful to beat jetlag1011. It’s also important to drink plenty of water. Since the air in the plane is dry, staying hydrated helps you sleep well and adjust to the new time zone better.

Do Your Homework

Before you start your journey, make sure you know what you need to travel. This includes checking your passport, visa, and health requirements. Understanding this can help you avoid problems right before you leave. With rules changing because of global events, being up to date is key.

Check Entry Requirements

Look up what the country you’re visiting needs from you. Check your passport’s expiry date and if you need a visa. You might also have to get certain vaccinations. Knowing these rules will give you peace of mind when you travel.

Print Your Documents

Even though online documents are handy, it’s wise to print them too. Having a hard copy can make your travel smoother. Travel rules change often, so being ready is always a good idea.

Paying attention to your travel documents can prevent troubles and delays. Airlines usually let you check in online 24 hours before your flight. Sometimes, it’s even earlier for special passengers12. Carrying paper copies of your important documents helps you follow new travel rules quickly, making your trip less stressful and more efficient.

Travel Hacks Airplane Enthusiasts Swear By

Flight enthusiasts often advise on essential gadgets such as a portable charger and noise-cancelling headphones. These ensure you have a calm and undisturbed journey. They also suggest ordering bulky items at the airport for collection after security. It saves both time and effort. Wearing comfortable clothes is important, too. It not only makes the flight more pleasant but also reduces the chance of picking up germs from the seats13.

Efficiency suggestions often revolve around how you pack. Using packing cubes and travel pillows wisely can make a big difference. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. This simple change can increase the space in your suitcase by almost half14. Such tips help you be ready for anything in the often unpredictable world of air travel.

Getting access to airport lounges is a top hack for smart travellers. These lounges offer a quiet place to work or relax during waiting times. Plus, they have better facilities for charging devices. For those who travel frequently, staying productive in these spaces can be essential13. Lounges also let you personalise your meals, making the dining experience more enjoyable.

Packing your own snacks is a tip loved by many who fly often. While some may not enjoy airplane meals, having snacks like nuts or pepperoni sticks can help. They’re easy to carry and won’t spoil. Also, keeping track of time zones is crucial for managing jet lag across multiple flights. It helps you stay on top of your game during long journeys13.


Getting the hang of air travel means doing some smart moves. This includes planning well, taking early steps, and listening to those in the know. By booking your flights early and choosing less busy times, like Tuesday mornings or Sundays, you can save money15. You can also cut costs by looking at different airports and checking prices from various airlines15.

For long flights, looking after yourself is key. A good neck pillow and noise-cancelling headphones can make a big difference4. It’s also important to bring snacks and a water bottle. This keeps you energised and feeling good. Plus, remember to stretch and wear compression socks to feel better after flying4. Compression Socks for Men & Women

Joining loyalty schemes, using your points, and flying with budget airlines can save you even more15. Packing snacks that mix proteins, good fats, and carbs helps too. It keeps you comfortable and full of energy4. Also, picking the right seat, like those near the toilets, can make your journey smoother4.

Follow these tips and your flights will be better and more fun. For example, adjusting your sleep pattern before a long trip can beat jet lag. And doing some stretching can help you feel less tired afterwards4. In the end, being smart, prepared, and proactive makes the whole flying experience enjoyable.


What are the benefits of flying direct?

Direct flights lower the risk of delays and missing connections. This makes travel smoother and less stressful.

Why should I avoid the last flight of the day?

The last flight might suffer from any delays earlier planes faced. It’s wise to avoid it to dodge overnight waits.

How can stopovers improve my travel experience?

Stopovers let you relax and see new places. This turns long trips into fun adventures.

Why is it important to research terminal transfer times?

Knowing transfer times well avoids a mad rush. It keeps the stress of running through airports away.

How can I stay fresh during long flights?

Keep fresh by changing clothes and using small toiletries between flights.

What personal comfort items should I bring on a flight?

To feel more comfortable during flights, bring face wipes, a cozy scarf, and water.

Why should I bring my own headphones?

Good headphones with an adapter improve your flight’s entertainment.

What’s the benefit of splitting clothing between suitcases?

Splitting clothes avoids a total loss if a bag is lost. It means you’ll have essentials while waiting for the missing bag.

How can I make the most of airport facilities?

Use airport lounges and showers to refresh during layovers. This makes long trips more pleasant.

What should I do during the waiting period at the gate?

Keep essential items like headphones, a good book, and water close. It ensures a hassle-free boarding process.

How can I adapt to new time zones quickly to beat jetlag?

Change your sleep times towards your destination’s zone and keep moving after you arrive. It helps fight jetlag.

Why is researching travel entry requirements crucial?

Knowing entry requirements avoids surprises. It ensures your journey is smooth.

Why should I print my travel documents?

Printed documents can speed up checks at various travel points, especially with changing rules.

What are some essential travel hacks for efficient flying?

Top tips include using packing cubes, having a portable charger, and picking up big items at the airport after security checks.

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